The Nest

Meet our Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner, Rachel

I am Rachel S and I have, along with Jo Williams, been part of the mental Health and Wellbeing (MHWB) team at Dysart School since the start. My main role is The Nest which I love. I work both in the nest rooms, classrooms and on occasions mobile wherever a pupil may need me.

I do 1:1 sessions, small group session made up of pupils with similar needs or who communicate in similar ways.  I also work in classes doing MHWB/emotions sessions.

We do a mixture of adapted programmes, for example Zippy and Friends, Story Massage and Mindfulness. We use a wide variety of resources to help all pupils to learn about emotions and feelings in themselves and those around them and how to communicate their emotions and feelings and helping them to use these skills throughout their school day and beyond.

What I love most is being someone else they can turn to for support, a safe calming space and most of all a chat (in whatever form that takes) I am always happy to catch up with parents and families and help whenever it is needed.

Hello! I’m Laeba

My name is Laeba, and part of the fantastic Mental Health and Wellbeing (MHWB) team at Dysart. I’ve been working at Dysart since September 2020 and have many excellent relationships with the pupils.

My background is in Psychology (BSc), and I have a strong commitment to the mental health and wellbeing of the pupils at Dysart. I have a keen instinct for emotional understanding and have a strong desire to positively influence pupil’s quality of life.

I am currently working with staff at Dysart to construct a system that emphasizes the influence of MHWB on evidence-based outcomes, such as through developing the PERMA model of wellbeing for SEND. I also assist in evaluating and enhancing pupils’ essential toolkits. Depending on the goal, I work 1-1 (in the NEST), in small groups or in classrooms. What I love most about my job is helping pupils express their emotions and learn better coping strategies so they may feel less anxious and have better mental health. I am committed to recognising and celebrating my students’ small victories as they progress towards their long-term goals and am prepared to offer them whatever support they require.


Hello! I’m Erin

I am the Emotional Regulation Practitioner at Dysart school and I’ve been here just over 7 years, starting as a Teaching assistant in the classroom prior to my current role.  I’m currently in my last year of a Childhood Studies with Special Educational Needs BA degree.

My support varies across Dysart for the pupils, staff and parents; from supporting 1-1 with pupils and staff, making visuals and resources, to supporting physical environments, ensuring our pupils are engaged and can access learning, to positive behaviour training as an instructor through Team Teach and PBS.

My passion at Dysart is enabling and empowering the pupils to be able to express their wants and needs, while also learning how to regulate their emotions to support their wellbeing.   My biggest interest outside of Dysart is weightlifting! I was British Champion this year in my weight category and was also grateful to have been chosen to compete for team GB at the European Championships. This year I hope to qualify and represent team GB for the Europeans again and the World championships too.