What is drama therapy?

At Dysart we believe that each child should have access to social, emotional, and mental health support throughout their journey with the school. As part of the school wide MHWB approach we have established The Cove, the dramatherapy provision offered by Dysart.

A creative psychotherapy, dramatherapy in The Cove encourages pupils to find different ways to explore and express how they feel, without solely relying on verbal communication. Within the Sesame approach, pupils can explore through stories, movement, objects, play, drawing, and drama techniques. Through group or one to one sessions, pupils can have a secure space each week dedicated to themselves and their emotional and mental wellbeing.

Dramatherapy at The Cove can help to support pupils with a variety of needs and requirements. Referrals can be made for specific reasons, or for more generalised anxieties and concerns. Drama and movement therapy are unique in their adaptability, and sessions are tailored to your child’s individual needs and physical abilities.

Meet our Drama Therapist


Hi, my name is Chloe and I am a HCPC registered Drama and Movement Therapist. I completed my training at the Royal School of Speech and Drama in London. My previous work as a professional actor and teacher have allowed me a gain a wide breadth of experience working creatively with children and adolescents, often as a way to boost their wellbeing. As a therapists I am specialising in therapy with children, and my practice is ever evolving to adapt to the needs of each individual child I see. I believe in creating a secure space together with a child, a place where they can have their voice heard, and working intuitively with their creative selves to explore their mental health and wellbeing needs.