Pupil Voice

We work extensively with Speech and Language therapy colleagues to develop pupils’ communication to ensure that our pupils use communication systems that are well-matched to their profile of need and give them the best possible opportunity to engage meaningfully with the world around them. Staff are encouraged to build in meaningful opportunities for pupils to make choices as much as possible throughout their day.

As well as this we work closely with businesses in the Surbiton and Tolworth area to promote our pupils’ talents, working to reinforce learning and to positively address some of the misconceptions that may prevent young people with disabilities from fully accessing their local community. The promotion of pupil voice is a key part of our safeguarding offer.

We also have a School Council where pupils actively get involved in decision making

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School Council

Our School Council meets regularly and plays an active part in shaping the way we move forward as a school. See below for how the School Council works and some of the key achievements.

  • Each class voted for 2 pupils within their own class to be candidates for the School Council.
  • The candidates then had to create a campaign to get others to vote for them – they did this by: making and displaying posters, giving out cakes, visiting classes, handing out flyers and wearing ‘vote for me’ badges.
  • We had 2 election days – 1 for Lower school and 1 for Upper school. On the election days the candidates presented their election speech to the whole of their department, they had to address 2 questions 1) What I like about school and 2) How I will make school even better.
  • Candidates could make an election speech however they chose, examples were: dancing, music, talking into the microphone, a pre made video or showing pictures.
  • After the election speeches, the whole department chose who they would like to vote for to be on the School Council at our Dysart Polling Station.
  • Pupils were able to use a variety of communication aids to make their choice – PECS/choosing board/switches.
  • Pupils were handed a photo of their choice of candidate which they then posted into the ballot box.
  • The votes were counted by Jo and the SLT.
  • The successful candidates were announced in a celebration assembly at the end of the 2 election days.
  • The School Council now meets every month, their current project is to decide on what equipment will go into the new adventure play.
  • The School Councils have been included on interviews appointing new staff at Dysart, including; asking questions and choosing who they think should work with us.