Dysart Champions, incorporating our registered charity, Friends of Dysart School (FODS)

Registered Charity No. 1137096

Dysart Champions, incorporating FODS, is Dysart School’s fundraising and parent support group. Its mission is to advance the education of the pupils of Dysart School and to promote and protect the physical and mental health of children with disabilities and their carers. This will include, in particular but not exclusively, providing facilities or equipment that supports the school and developing effective relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school.

Dysart Champions consists of four key groups, these groups are:

  •  Family and Student Wellbeing
  •  Staff Wellbeing
  •  Events, incorporating fund raising (FODS)
  •  Promotion

The Dysart Champions work as a team in supporting the wellbeing of families – including carers, students and staff known as the ‘Dysart Community’.

Part of the remit is to:

  •  Support the Dysart Community in all aspects of wellbeing
  •  To publicise the school to its immediate and wider community on all it has to offer
  •  To arrange and promote a wide range of events, both free and paid for, to enable Dysart School to provide additional items, training and fun events for all, which would support the Dysart Community as a whole.

Dysart Champions relies on the support of parent volunteers and are always very grateful to everyone that is able to support their activities. Please contact us at FODS@dysartschool.org if you are interested in volunteering or helping to organise fundraising and social activities, there are no special skills required but a keen interest to get involved plus those listed below, would be ideal:

  •  Enthusiasm
  •  To work as part of a Team
  •  To work alone or in in small groups when needed
  •  To offer creative skills – both practically and IT based
  •  To be able to offer some time, usually during the school day
  •  To come up with ideas and help see them through as a team


Dysart Champions / FODS Trustees 

We are delighted that FODS is led by parents, school staff and members of the community.