Outreach Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

What makes Dysart service different?

Outreach is delivered by serving teachers who understand about planning and teaching children with additional needs. They understand the pressures of working in a real school. This is a free and unlimited service with rapid response. This service offers the opportunity to develop a long term supportive relationship between the two settings.

Do outreach staff have special training?

Yes they are qualified teachers who have worked in mainstream and special schools. They have advanced qualifications in special needs.

What is the aim of the outreach service? Is this a way of getting children considered for a place in special school?

Definitely not! The Outreach Service is intended to support children in mainstream schools using the experience of staff in special school. The aim is to keep more children in mainstream schools receiving the education and support they need to overcome their difficulties. The outreach service encourages school to develop an inclusive approach to learning.