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Meeting with Jackie Van West – Director of Safeguarding and Well-being for OHCAT

By Support - November 8th, 2021 | Posted in News

Last Monday, Dysart’s two Safeguarding Ambassadors met with Jackie Van West. Alex and Safwaan showed Jackie around the school and talked about the school and their roles. Their first visit was to Coral class where they talked with the pupils who were having snack and looked at how the classroom was organised. Next they went to adventure play. They were asked how adventure play made them feel and both pupils said that they enjoyed going to adventure play with their friends to play. Jackie asked whether they felt safe in adventure play and both Safwaan and Alex agreed that they did feel safe and that they were helped by people in their classes.

Following the tour, they talked about their roles in the school and how as part of the interview process they meet all candidates and ask them questions about what they like and how they can help them.   Finally they were asked who could help them if they were feeling sad or scared. Both Alex and Safwaan said that their teacher could help them along with Leigh and Emmet. Both pupils enjoyed taking Jackie around the school and demonstrating how they help within Dysart.