Assessments and Outcomes

Due to the nature of their needs, pupils at Dysart do not take formal exams. Progress is monitored through EHCP outcomes and through termly meetings with families: at the beginning of each term, every teacher meets with each pupil’s family to discuss their progress and agree outcomes for them for the coming term. These curriculum outcomes are usually linked to the pupil’s long-term EHCP outcomes.

  • Students in KS5 consistently achieve well across the curriculum. This is triangulated by data gathered from EHCP review meetings as well as from accredited outcomes.
  • EHCP data shows that outcomes for pupils across all aspects of their EHC plans continue to excel. EHCP outcomes are tested in meetings attended by families as well as other professionals (social workers, SEN case-workers etc)
  • Accredited outcomes for students continue to be strong, with a significant number of the cohort making expected or above expected progress
  • There is an apparent drop in the accredited outcomes for 21-22 but this is due to only one student being entered. The school only enters students for the overall accreditation in their final year, with the number of modules the student has completed determining if they are entered for a certificate / award / diploma.
  • Since 2018, all KS5 leavers have moved on to some form of education or training that is relevant to their interests and aspirations.

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