LOTC Battersea

Exploring London’s Sights

By Sophie White - March 20th, 2024 | Posted in Article
As part of learning outside the classroom groups of students from Apollo and the wider school have had the opportunity to use public transport to navigate to some of London’s landmark sites. This week they visited Battersea Park, practicing their directional language the have learnt this term to support their journey.
After exploring Battersea Park and looking out for ‘amazing structures’ they sat down to draw The Pagoda. They continued their trip along the river to their next ‘amazing structure’ Battersea Power Station. They all had a go at sketching the historic building and explored the differences between the architecture of the two structures.
After lunch they visited the shopping centre and enjoyed stopping off at a luxury electric vehicle store to ask lots of questions. They then visited the Apple Store to take a look at the devices and finally stopped at the Lego Store to build some designs.
They had a fantastic day full of learning and new experiences. Their learning outside the classroom continues after a busy term of visiting some of London’s Galleries, next up on their list, the Natural History Museum.