Matthew 6

Dysart Student Helps Create Online Flower Shop

By Support - July 13th, 2021 | Posted in News

As told by one of our parents:

At the end of the last lock-down, I enrolled myself on a Floristry design diploma from Judith Blacklock school of Flowers, as a “lock-down treat” for myself!

Matthew so enjoyed the flower arrangements that I brought home with me, that he took a real interest in them. He started helping me cut flowers from our garden or from the shops. We practised cutting them at 45-degree angles and placing them in a variety of “mechanics” to keep them secure such as oasis foam bricks, old netting from fruit bags taped to the sides of vases, or chicken wire scrunched up within a container. A lot of fine motor skills have been put to use over these last few months! No doubt, his favourite skill has been ” water-spray”….spraying the flowers – and the entire family including the cats – once our arrangements have been completed.

Matthew started making floral arrangements for his teachers in COMET CLASS and loved walking them into school, very proud of his work. It encouraged his younger sister Petra to do the same for her teachers, and then it inspired the idea of making floral arrangement gifts for teachers, carers, therapists, tutors, school staff for end-of-year gifts. Especially after the year we have had – we thought these important people in our lives deserve a SPECIAL THANK YOU!

And so a business was created with the name of SEN.sational Creations – where Special Educational Needs is the SEN in our craft! Our purpose is to provide beautiful flower arrangements while helping Matthew develop meaningful life skills for his future. He is involved in the choosing, the cutting, the arranging, the spraying, the packaging and the delivery. We have a small selection of arrangements on our website for the month of July, all of which come packaged in a gift bag, with a thank you card ready for the gifting. Matthew & Petra decided that 25% of proceeds from all arrangements should go towards Companion Cycling & YORDA Adventures, to help them continue to provide vital activities and respite for children like Matthew.

Although Matthew may not be aware that he is helping run a business, he is very aware that he is making something that brings joy to people. The results of his work are instantly gratifying – he can see how his work has created something beautiful and meaningful and he has been involved in the process from start to finish.

If you’d like to follow his work, we are on instagram:sen.sationalcreations or visit our website to view the online shop.