Topic Cycles

Curriculum Delivery

Dysart School Curriculum Implementation

Implementation by pathway

Red Pathway

Pupils on the red pathway learn through a sensory, physical and play based approach which focuses on motivation and engagement.  13


Yellow Pathway

Pupils on the yellow pathway access leaning through a mixture of sensory, play based and formalised teaching approaches.  curriculum 20232024 (5)



Blue Pathway

Pupils on the blue pathways access learning through more formalised teaching approaches . 18

20 19

Turquoise Pathway

We follow a Pupil originated learning pathway with the focus on adapted behaviour in order to achieve lifelong social inclusion and be a positive contributor to society.

curriculum 20232024 (6)

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Infants (EYFS & Key Stage 1)

curriculum 20232024

Juniors (Key Stage 2)

curriculum 20232024 (1)

curriculum 20232024 (4)

Middle (Key Stage 3)

curriculum 20232024 (2)

curriculum 20232024 (3)

Upper (Key Stage 4)

post 14 topic cycles 2023 KS4 redv2

post 14 topic cycles 2023 KS4yellow

post 14 topic cycles 2023 KS4blue

Upper (Key Stage 5)

post 14 topic cycles 2023 KS5 red

post 14 topic cycles 2023 KS5yellow

post 14 topic cycles 2023 KS5yellow2

post 14 topic cycles 2023 KS5blue