Curriculum Overview and Intent

At Dysart we believe that pupil success results from a child centred approach that blends together creative, cross-curricula and skills-based learning.

Our curriculum has been developed to give the necessary breadth and scope to meet the varied and diverse needs of our pupils. We recognise that our students have a vast range of academic and cognitive abilities along with very individual communication and learning styles and so we offer four distinct pathways within the school to meet those diverse needs.

Enable meaningful life-long social inclusion for our pupils


Curriculum Principles

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Pupil Centred
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Engagement & Curiosity
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Learning for life
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Holistic & Inclusive
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Achieve & Succeed

Pupils access a curriculum appropriate to age, needs and abilities with a particular emphasis on communication, emotional regulation and functional skills. Each pupil will have an EHC plan. EHC plans identify educational, health and social needs and set out the additional support to meet those needs (ref DFE). Setting these goals is a collaborative process with parents, teachers and a wider multi-disciplinary team , and informs, the student curriculum outcomes throughout the year.

Curriculum Overview

Pupil Centred Pupil Centered

Pupils cognitive, social communication, emotional well-being & physical growth lay at the heart of their learning.

Pupils’ unique strengths,& interests, spiritual & cultural background drive curriculum planning and pupils next steps and future destinations.

Essentials Teaching & Learning Toolbox

A Co-produced pupil plan that identifies the tools a child needs in place for successful engagement & learning.

Learning for life Learning for Life

To ensure happiness and improved quality of life for our pupils, PSHE skill development permeates all aspects of school life.

Skills for success Skills for Success

The curriculum design cultivates personal & academic growth, enabling students to develop essential skills and confidence for community inclusion & lifelong learning.

Personalised Personalised learning plans

Topic cycles highlight the subjects (linked to the National Curriculum as appropriate) and topics taught across all key stages.

To foster engagement & curiosity for learning for all pupils at Dysart, subject delivery is differentiated across 4 pathways across the key stages. The pathway implementation can be found in our pathways charts.

A spiral curriculum revisits a topic or skill, to make connections, practice skills and deepen knowledge.

Working Together Working Together

Strong relationships between school, home, our therapy teams, social care and the local community ensure a unified approach to meeting a childs holistic needs both within the school environment and in the broader community.

Further information about the Curriculum

If you would like more information about the Curriculum at Dysart School please contact Leigh Edser (Principal) or Steph Cruse (Vice Principal) via the school office

Tel: 020 8412 2600