All aboard the learning bus

By Fiona Wilkins - May 3rd, 2023 | Posted in Article

All classes thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to climb aboard the Learning Bus that visited the school on Thursday 27th April. Everyone had the chance to get on the bus, try out their favourite seats and explore the bus. Some adventurous pupils even had the chance to sit in the driver’s seat and toot the horn.

The bus was also joined by a police car and again pupils were able to sit in the car both in the front and back seats and talk the friendly police officers who came to visit the school. The absolute highlight was having the opportunity to set the siren going, which made for a noisy day at school.

The purpose of having both vehicles in school was to enable pupils to become familiar and alleviate any concerns they might have about travelling by bus or seeking help from the police if needed.

Thanks to the police officers and bus drivers who were so patient answering everyone’s questions and encouraging all pupils to sit in the vehicles.