Dysart School is consulting on a proposal to expand its overall pupil numbers and to amend its Funding Agreement with the Department for Education.

For further information on the proposal and to respond to the consultation please click here.

Consultation on School Expansion

Dysart School is undertaking a consultation on a proposal for the School to educate additional children with special education needs across the existing year groups at its current site and at a proposed additional site. The overall increase across both sites would provide a further 29 places above the school’s current Funding Agreement of 96 places bringing the total school capacity to 125 places by 2020.

The consultation on the proposal will run from Wednesday 24th April 2019 to Thursday 23rd May 2019. A public meeting will be held at 5pm on Tuesday 30th April 2019 at Dysart School.

Please see below a letter outlining the proposal in more detail and a link to the consultation questionnaire.

Consultation Proposal letter

Consultation Questionnaire


Question and Answers

A number of questions have been raised about the Dysart expansion proposal. Please see these below and a response from the school. If you have further queries please do contact the school office.

Q1. Will there be another meeting at the school to hear about the proposal as I was not able to attend the meeting on the 30th April?
A. Parents are always welcome into the school and can speak to the senior leadership team about the proposal. Please just arrange a time with the school office.

Q2. What facilities would the new site have?
A. The School Lane building will have a group room, meeting space, large L shaped classroom (which can be divided into 2 smaller class spaces) an outside learning environment. Specialist facilities will be accessed at the main school site.

Q3. Would the 15 pupils and staff feel isolated at the new site?
A. The staff and pupils will be very much part of the Dysart community. Pupils and staff will access the main site for activities, in particular for use of the specialist facilities and theme week work. Staff will attend the regular whole school meetings and training as well as staff social events.

Q4. How often would the pupils need go back to the main school to use the facilities and take part in whole school activities?
A. Pupils at the additional site will access the Tolworth Schools for PE and playtime as well as other sessions as appropriate, and will continue to access Dysart’s main school site for swimming, celebration assembly, theme weeks, soft play, etc.

Q5. Would the admissions criteria for Dysart School as a whole change to include more able pupils?
A. The admissions criteria for Dysart School will remain the same. The pupils who will access School Lane will have an SLD and/or ASD/complex needs diagnosis however they will be pupils who show strong social skills which can be developed and progressed through the interaction opportunities available.

Q6. Would there be an age limit at the new site for mainstream inclusion as Tolworth is just infants and juniors?
A. The places at the new site would be from Reception up to and including KS2

Q7. How would the school bus work if the 15 pupils lived all over the borough?
A. We will work closely with the transport provider to ensure the pupils who access the site do so with as minimal impact on the local area as possible.

Q8. How safe and easy would it be for parents to collect their children?
A. The start and the end of the day will be managed and supported by school staff, as it is at the main site, in order to ensure the safety or our pupils their parents and general public.

Q9. Is there the capacity at the main school for 14 more pupils?
A. The consultation is to change the funding agreement from 96 to 125. The main school already has 105 pupils on roll so in reality we are only looking to increase the capacity by 5 places at the main site. We have a classroom space available to support these pupils that is currently under used, this does not affect the smaller group spaces available around the school.

Q10. How much inclusion would happen that differs from now considering there are already other very local mainstream schools?
A. Pupils at the new site will access the Tolworth Schools for PE and playtime, and where appropriate other sessions.

Q11. With a new ASD school planned for Moor Lane why not make Dysart only SLD and not ASD/MLD so there will naturally be more places in the existing school?
A. There is an immediate demand for additional places from Kingston Local Authority. The proposal is for an additional 8 places for September 2019 and a further 7 places for September 2020 giving an overall total of 15 pupils by September 2020. The New ASD school planned for Moor Lane will not be ready in time to meet the demand. The new provision will still meet the same cohort of pupils who currently access Dysart ASD/SLD/Complex needs.

You are rightly proud of your work around pupil wellbeing, and ensuring pupils are ready for learning.  This has enabled you to establish a calm and purposeful learning environment for pupils with considerable needs.

Ofsted 2019

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